This product is unique in quality through long lasting research and contributes to the world- peace project through ist users. The synergy of the personal benefit of the user and the contribution to the individual social responsibility by supporting the world-peace-project corresponds to the spirit of this high-quality, pure and honest product. It’s not any colloid – the results of our efforts are colloids which, in scientific and energetic sense, are leading products that are without equal.

The premium mountain spring water gets purified from all undesirable elements. Through hyperbolic swirl according to Viktor Schauberger and the subsequent informing by for example one of the most tested systems of Dr. M. Emotos Hadolife Europe energy system RH4© high-energy water arises. Long lasting empiric research leads to a unique production know how that can only be realized with high grade equipment.

Therefore, we have a product at our disposal, that clearly differs from the convential offers in quality and effect and which, even fabricated in large quantities, is produced in consistent and standardized quality.

Differing well known production processes do in no respect comply with our requirements.

DSC_0024 kolloidales silber 2_groß